VEGAS Pro Post 21

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Complete Toolkit for video editing and post production in a seamless workflow.

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                 Video editing software designed for content creators
                 At the heart of every VEGAS product is the brand-new VEGAS Pro, the creative powerhouse that answers all your needs. Discover its all-in-one timeline and manage every aspect of content creation without ever leaving the interface.

                 VEGAS Pro Post
                 End-to-end professional workflows across all media, including advanced VFX in 2D and 3D.

                 Get VEGAS Pro Post and enjoy all the features included in Edit and Suite while also unlocking additional keyframe animation and image compositing features. Choose from over 800 visual effects and presets, advanced particle generators, 3D models and enjoy smooth performance with proxy media and timeline cache.

                 VEGAS Effects
                 Let your audience step into awe-inspiring worlds and keep them glued to the screen. Use realistic motion graphics and dynamic particle simulators or teleport your characters to any setting thanks to error-free chroma keying tools. The possibilities are endless.

                 VEGAS Image
                 Ready to transcend reality from the comfort of your studio? Adjust unlimited, flexible layers, blend multiple landscapes into one breathtaking scene and enhance its atmosphere with just the right elements—be it an alien artifact or the electrical glow of a metropolis.

                 What’s new in VEGAS Pro 21
                 We are constantly in the lab, working on making your content machine more well-rounded, efficient and fit to your needs. The new VEGAS Pro comes with awesome new additions, including AI-powered masking, Text to Speech features, advanced cloud services, an all-new effects & transitions bundle and much more. Our developers really deserve a raise for this one.

                 SOUND FORGE
                 Ready to start your podcast but unsure where to begin?

SOUND FORGE will allow you to record on up to 32 channels at 64-bit/768 kHz, ensuring ultra-clear quality. Edit with precision, shaping each sound individually and elevate your recordings with professional mastering tools.

Exclusive in VEGAS Pro Suite and Post
                 Create a tailor-made soundtrack for your video.

Experience faster beatmaking using innovative sampling tools, experiment with loops and shape the perfect sound with world-leading effect plug-ins. Dive into a universe of sounds with ACID.

Exclusive in VEGAS Pro Suite and Post
                 Mocha VEGAS
                 Unlock the power of precise motion tracking with Mocha VEGAS, the cutting-edge feature designed to revolutionize your VEGAS Pro editing experience. With this extraordinary planar tracking and stabilization tool, you will be able to pin motion-tracked masks to specific positions and ensure they remain in place over time, creating stunning visual effects.

Exclusive in VEGAS Pro Suite and Post
                 AI-powered features
                 Venture into a new dimension
                 Don’t spend hours creating and adjusting masks – let AI do the work for you!

Z-Depth will analyze your footage and build a complex depth map from simple 2D imagery. With this new feature, you will be able to edit foreground and background separately to make hyper-realistic elements look like they’re nestled between the layers of your frame.
                 Voiceovers for everyone
                 Looking for realistic voiceovers, but don’t want to stand in front of a microphone? Text to Speech will generate authentic commentary for your clips from your text prompts. You can even pick a fitting emotional tone and auto-translate them to dozens of available languages.

Need captions instead? Let this feature browse your audio files and write subtitles for you automatically.

Subscription exclusive
                 Time-saving magic
                 Tired of creating masks for every frame? AI Smart Mask will identify and track moving objects in your clips and generate Bézier masks accordingly. That way, you save time on worrying about the process and can focus on your creative flow.

                 About the VEGAS Hub
                 Everything, everywhere, all at once
                 Access and download your files whenever and wherever you need them with Quick Upload. Store your files in your File Drop collections from any device and make your workflow easy and efficient.

Subscription exclusive
                 All the support you need
                 Accessible online to all users, including those on trial period, Online Help offers unmatched flexibility and instant help to all those who need it. Stay connected and get real-time assistance to solve any editing bottlenecks.

                 Even more tools for your storytelling
                 Unlock a multitude of transformative possibilities for your footage using the latest VEGAS Pro. Achieve the polished look you desire with some of our latest additions: the Offset and Wrap effect and the GL transition presets, Static wipe and Directional scale, and easily combine them with Adjustment events.

              cpu:   6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better with 2.5 Ghz and 4 Cores
              ram:   16
              disk:   2
              version:   Microsoft® Windows 10
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: VEGAS Pro
                 SOUND FORGE Pro
                 ACID Pro
                 Mocha VEGAS
                 Boris FX Primatte Studio
                 VEGAS Effects
                 VEGAS Image
        platforms: windows