Masterclass Compression Video Training Course

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Masterclass in Compression Video Training Course

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                 Learning how to master Compression or any other Dynamic Processing in your Live or Recorded Mix is easy with the Masterclass in Compressors, Limiters & Gates Video Course.

If you’ve been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet for Compression, Limiting and Noise Gates…you’ve found it! Over 3 hours of Premium Training on all things to do with dynamic processing. While I cover these subjects in our Ultimate Home Recording School and Ultimate Live Sound School, this course is for you maniacs who want to know it ALL 🙂 The knowledge and examples in this course are of the caliber that you would find taught in high end $30,000 a year sound schools like Berklee or Full Sail.
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        feature: Complete Video Course with hands on demonstrations
                 Perfect from Beginners to Advanced
                 Taught by Industry Pro (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Diana Ross)
                 Over 200,000 Musicians, Music Producers and Audio Engineers taught
                 Over 30 years experience with over 70 video courses produced
                 Endorsed by Behringer, Midas, PreSonus, Allen & Heath and Roland