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8 voice generative synth, unique GUI

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        Generative Synthesizer
                 Obscurium is a synthesis tool for sound and pitch. It feeds on your input of scales & chords to produce futuristic soundscapes and vivid harmonics.

                 Harmony and Sound
                 Obscurium animates you to explore new paths to creation of music & sound design. Like a modular system, it allows for most complex circuits, yet remains easily accessible.

                 It will change your process of making music, to a fun and playful state of flow and you’ll come up with patch after patch of cool melodic and chordal passages that intiate new tracks. Never mind the possibilities of the VST synth integration!

                 If you are sound designing for films, adverts or games, if you are looking for a fresh short cut to your creative cloud, give it a go!

                 Sound Design Playground
                 The two sound generators are deceptively basic looking. Number 1 is an emulation of an analogue oscillator with an unisono functionality. The second oscillator uses FM synthesis with a flexible ratio. Both can be routed through the effect section and you can mix and modulate them via the sequencer.
                 The Super Obscure Mode automatically draws sequences in most various ways. The Modifiers paint all parameters at once: while setting individual steps you can define their sound. Step by step a different sound – this is the agenda here.

                 VST interface
                 You can host any of your sound generator VST2 plug-ins for fresh sounds. Obscurium sends trigger, pitch and 11 automation lanes. Take your plug-ins to new levels!

                 Setting this up couldn’t be easier – pick any of the plug-in’s presets, use a random mode to assign parameters or use the Learn function in Obscurium’s hosting options.

                 Shift and Morph
                 We implemented the unique possibility to rotate parameters and their motion lanes. Organic and complex sound changes just blossom around you with a tender touch of these faders. This feature can be modulated for endlessly evolving results.

                 Additionally you can morph between two sequencer states (copy and paste between the two states is very useful!). That makes it possible to vary parts of a sequence while it repeats.

                 Obscure Clock
                 The clock tab regulates the master speed, swing & direction. Combine its 2 mini sequencers for clock and direction with the main sequencer for finest colorful rhythm tapestry.

                 Sequencer steps can be assigned to MIDI notes, playback speed and direction might change at any time. A different sound for each note of a melody and tumbling rhythms, rolls and triplets, ready to be explored.

                 Sounds & Presets
                 Rummage around in these sounds…They give a pretty good idea of what Obscurium is capable of. Better yet: check out the demo – the modulated presets are a feast for ear and eye.

                 The presets are a good inspiration and starting point for your own ideas. Obscurium invites you to experiment!

              version:   Requires macOS 10.9 or higher
              additional_requirements:   Sugar Bytes plug-ins are available in 64-bit editions for both Windows and macOS.

              internet required:   no
              version:   Requires Windows 7 or higher
              additional_requirements:   Sugar Bytes plug-ins are available in 64-bit editions for both Windows and macOS.

              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        notes:   Timbral Organism
        feature: Avantgarde Sound Design Tool
                 8-voice Saw, Pulse, Supersaw and FM Synthesis
                 Host & control your VST2 plug-ins
                 Generative Harmonies or straight MIDI-Input
                 MIDI out
                 Draw Tools, Modifiers and Super Obscure Mode
                 Parameter Shifting
                 400 Presets with Pads, Drums & Atmos
                 A surprisingly versatile tool
                 Obscurium’s scope can only be matched by very large and costly modular setups
                 Resurrect your library of long-forgotten plug-ins
                 A Warp drive to the new dimension of sequencing
                 An instrument with a mind-boggling scope
        platforms: mac


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