Sugar Bytes WOW 2

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21 Filter types with vowel mode

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        Creative Multi-Filterbox
                 Everything that you need in a filter unit – and nothing that you don’t – in a compact GUI that gets right down to business.

                 Get that warm and juicy sound!
                 All 21 filters produce a stunning analogue sound with huge resolution and free of any aliasing. From singing Comb to a steep 8-pole Lowpass from dirty Diode MS to the gnarly 030. WOW2 offers all the filters you can wish for. And all of them work in Vowel Mode, showing off the wide variety of humanoid sounds.

                 The extraordinary modulation system multiplies the posibilities to modular level: for instance with modulatable modulators.

                 The presets are a good place to start. Or try a steep 8-pole LP on a bass and taste that bubbly, smacky sound.

                 Swing the cutoff between two vowels to create formant-shaping effects on your dry signal. Modulate the cutoff (or the selected vowels themselves…) for distinct chorus and flanger effects. Works best with Comb or Bandpass combined on high resonance settings!

                 Modulation is Power
                 There are four sources: an envelope follower with frequency detection, the LFO with 13 waveforms, a 16-step step sequencer and the Wobble Knob (lifted from our Cyclop synth).

                 Targets and intensity (bi-polar) are assigned in the circular elements at the foot of the modulation section – or you just right click any parameter and assign a source – couldn’t be easier.

                 The Wobble Generator
                 This is a different beast compared to the other modulators. The central knob controls two things: the shape of the LFO (16 different waveforms) while also changing the speed (12 tempo-synced rates).

                 The knob can be modulated itself (pick the LFO for a start) and this is what the wobble control is all about: to get that knob moving!

                 The Distortion Unit
                 Seven algorithms can be engaged before or after the filter section, which greatly broadens the sonic range. Pick the tube-inspired “Parabolic”, the delicately-chiselled “Bit Crusher”, a Sine(!) or “Diabolic” from digital hell.

                 Volume is stable even at high levels, which will save you cumbersome automations when things get rather dynamic.

                 Sounds & Presets
                 WOW2 comes with more than 250 presets…just one click away. Randomize for instant inspiration!

              version:   Requires macOS 10.9 or higher
              additional_requirements:   Sugar Bytes plug-ins are available in 64-bit editions for both Windows and macOS.

              internet required:   no
              version:   Requires Windows 7 or higher
              additional_requirements:   Sugar Bytes plug-ins are available in 64-bit editions for both Windows and macOS.

              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: 21 Filter Types
                 LFO, Env.-Follower, Step Seq. & Wobble
                 Non Aliasing
                 Distortion with 3 Overdrives & 4 Digital Functions
                 Distortion Pre- or Post Filter Units
                 Envelope Follower with Frequency Detection
                 9 human vocal Sounds in Vowel Filter
                 Dynamic Oversampling across the board
                 Designed for best harmonics & audio quality.
                 WOW’s talkbox lets you pick any two vowels out of a choice of nine.
                 The real magic happens when modulation steps in.
                 Pushing the Mod Section to extremes.
                 Fourfold Oversampling for harmonic Manipulation without Aliasing.
                 Everything from subtle filter sweeps to all out modulated chaos.
        platforms: mac


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