Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

15,300.00kn (~ 2030,73 €)

The Fusebox X generates its rich foundation with three oscillators, The synthesizer is monophonic or 3-voice paraphonic playable.

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

Major Additions / Differences –

Tri-phonic mode (3 note poly).

More Jacks! Some rocker switches replaces with jack socket for more patchability.

The Interval Generator and Patternator pots replaced with precision type.

440Hz tuner tone.

Interval Generator clock input – allows automatic transposition in a variety of ways.

Bar1 / Note0 trigger outputs – versatile alternative ways to trigger the Patternator and Interval Generator

Arpeggiator replaced with mini step sequencer.

Many internal performance tweaks.

The analog synthesizer Fusebox X is the successor of the first version and has been improved and revised .

Semi-modular analog synthesizer

The Analogue Solutions Fusebox X:

  • Analog Synthesizer
  • Semi-modular
  • 48 patch points
  • Monophonic/ 3-voice paraphonic playable
  • 3 oscillators
  • Crossmodulation
  • Hardsync
  • Suboscillator
  • Noise generator
  • Mixer with 5 inputs
  • 12dB state variable multimode filter
  • 2 ADSR envelopes
  • 1 LFO
  • VCA with drone mode
  • 440Hz test tone generator
  • Mini-Sequencer
  • Digital Sequencer
  • Interval Generator
  • MIDI CV/Gate Interface

A Night With the Analogue Solutions Fusebox Synthesizer

With the Fusebox XAnalogue Solutions‘ mastermind Tom Carpenter has succeeded in updating the previous model. Handmade in and, the semi-modular analog synthesizer with British sound could hardly be more honest and primal analog in its sound. Due to the semi-modular design with compatibility to Eurorack modules and other semi-modular synthesizers, a wide range of sounds can be realized that are beyond the structure of a subtractive synth with Minimoog construction. The synthesizer is monophonic or 3-voice paraphonic playable.

Analog purism

The Fusebox X generates its rich foundation with three oscillators, all of which offer sawtooth and square with PWM as waveforms and differ in details such as additional triangle waveform, hardsync, LFO mode and crossmodulation. The mixer section also features a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. Since the mixer has freely assignable inputs without normalizations, waveform mixtures from a single oscillator can also be implemented. The carefully constructed sound spectrum leads into a characterful 12dB State Variable Filter, which can smoothly crossfade from Lowpass to Notch to Highpass and can additionally be switched to pure Bandpass. Similarities to the famous SEM filter are quite recognizable. The VCA is optionally modulated by envelope 2, any control voltage (e.g. oscillator 3 with triangle waveform for sideband modulation) or can be switched to “Thru” for drone sounds. For modulation of the VCOs, the filter and the VCA the Fusebox X offers two ADSR envelopes, each following the internal sequencer or inputs via MIDI and an LFO with adjustable fade-in and fixed attenuators for Cutoff and PWM.

Analog Groovebox

In addition to just playing via MIDI, Analogue Solutions has given its orange beast a digital sequencer that records up to 16 notes and plays them back in an endless loop; simple but effective! The Patterator is the groove center of the Fusebox X, with the four illuminated knobs you set the notes to be played, the two beat controls allow variations within an 8-step Gate sequence, the notes are looped after already four steps. The generated notes can be dosed as desired on Pitch and Cutoff. The last link in the bunch is the interval generator which allows six different transpositions for the oscillators automatically or by pressing a key. So the four CV steps of the Patternator don’t seem so little anymore, because you can transpose six times.


Analogue Solutions


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