Moog Minimoog Model D Analog Synthesizer

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Minimoog Model D: Own the Legend

Moog Minimoog Model D 2022 Edition

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 reshaped the sound of modern music, and Moog has resumed production of the game-changing analog monosynth.
Built to last a lifetime, each new Minimoog Model D delivers the revered quality, undefinable feel, and authentic sound of a pristine vintage Moog.

CV routing options and MIDI

While not a modular synth, the Minimoog Model D enhances your sound-sculpting capabilities with new CV routing options on its top panel. In addition to the Control Voltage inputs for Loudness, Filter (cutoff), and Oscillator pitch offered by vintage Minis, the Model D adds an input for External Modulation Source and also gives you CV outputs for After Pressure (aftertouch), Pitch, V-Trig Gate, and Velocity. This means you could throw a patch and have, for instance, aftertouch control over your filter cutoff or velocity control over your amp. In addition, Moog has added 5-pin DIN MIDI in, out, and thru jacks to provide basic MIDI connectivity. The Model D can receive MIDI Note and Pitch Bend information, as well as SysEx commands. It can send polyphonic MIDI Note, Velocity, and Pitch Bend information, as well as Aftertouch.




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