Patchblock Neo

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Patchblock Neo

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Patchblocks mali modularni sintisajzer

Patchblocks, a modular synthesizer and signal processing system where you decide what the hardware does. You want a filter module? Turn your Patchblock into one! You want a crazy sounding bass-line synth with built-in arpeggiator? Make it so! We provide you with an empty canvas, your imagination fills it.


  • stereo audio input
  • stereo audio output
  • 2 channel digital input
  • 2 channel digital output
  • 2 assignable knobs
  • 2 assignable illuminated buttons
  • tough 5mm machined acrylic enclosure panels
  • USB chargeable LiPo battery
  • 10bit / 20K sampling rate audio – it sounds fatter than you expect!