Softube Console 1 MK2 + Fader bundle

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Console 1 MK2 kanalni strip i Fader mixer komplete sa pripadajucim softverom

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Softube Console 1 MK2 + Fader bundle

U kompletu dolaze Console 1 MK2 kanalni strip i Fader mixer sa pripadajucim softverom

Ekosustav za mixanje Softube Console 1 puno je više od jednostavnog DAW / plug-in kontrolera. To je učinkovito, elegantno i moderno rješenje za miksanje .  Kombinirajući hardver i softver daje vam najbolje od oba svijeta: svestranost, pristupačnost i iskoristivost miksanja , uz osjećaj i fokus koji namjenski hardver može donijeti. Ovaj paket kombinira Console 1 Fader i Console 1 kontroler, tako da imate iskusto mixanja audio kanala kao za klasicnim stolom za mixanje .

The Softube Console 1 mixing ecosystem is so much more than a simple DAW/plug-in controller. It’s an efficient, elegant, and amazing-sounding modern mixing solution, combining hardware and software to give you the best of both worlds: the versatility, affordability, and usability of in-the-box mixing, alongside the workflow, feel, and focus dedicated hardware can bring. This pack combines the Console 1 Fader with the Console 1 channel strip controller for a tight ‘complete desk’ experience. You can even use multiple Console 1 Fader units to build the ideal workflow for your specific studio.

Quickly switch between your tracks and control EQ, compressor, gate and more. Mix with the sound of the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E. Or customize your channels to fit your needs—there are over 60 Console 1 ready plug-ins available from Softube and Universal Audio. The Console 1 hardware gives you hands-on control of EQ, compressor, gate, volume and pan on all your tracks. No MIDI mapping is needed—the hardware is tightly integrated with the Console 1 software, straight out of the box.

Building on the success of Console 1 was never going to be easy. But like you, Softube believe in ambitious dreams. To further improve the epic workflow advantages Console 1 brings, they had to ask, “where can we go next?” The answer was clear, and the result is here. Improving feel and workflow, and making the best of hardware and software available in one place, Console 1 Fader allows you to raise the sound quality bar to new heights. Mixing a masterpiece isn’t easy, but with Console 1 Fader there’s no limit to what you can do. Now’s the time. Ten touch-sensitive 100 mm Alps motorized faders give premium professional feel and feedback, while the weighty powder-coated steel chassis means durability and substance in a sleek Scandinavian design. Fader also includes two console emulations (Tube and Discrete). Way more than a simple controller, Fader enriches the sound of your tracks in the same ways as a true analog console.

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